Visual Discomfort with Computer Screens?

Computer screens should be placed below eye level for the best visual comfort. If your eyes are in slight down gaze, the eyelids are a bit lower with reduced surface area exposed for drying. This makes a world of difference…reduced redness, dryness, and fatigue. Lower those screens, raise your chair, or lower your desk.

Consider task specific lenses for your computer, tablet, phone, and desk work. Eyezen+ technology lenses from Essilor are designed to reduce visual discomfort. In addition to the prescribed correction in the lenses by your doctor for intermediate and near vision, Eyezen+ lenses have blue-filtering technology across the entire lens field as well as a near comfort/anti-fatigue design below for near reading.

Take visual breaks from your screens. Close your eyes for just a few seconds every 30 minutes, then look away to a distance view. This will relax your eyes and allow you to continue to work more comfortably.

Patient with burning or dryness can also be treated with special eye drops, warm compresses, and hypochlorous lid cleansers. Omega-3s and doxycycline can greatly improve lipid flow from the meibomian oil glands of the eyelids to improve tear quality. Remember to stay hydrated with 6-8 glasses of water per day. Better tears equal improved comfort!